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Writing Home by Amy R. Anguish

Writing Home by Amy R. Anguish

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Christiana Jones dreamed her whole life of living in Huntsville, Alabama, so she can't figure out why it doesn't feel like home.

Her relationships - on social media and in real life - seem shallow and empty. When she unearths a stack of her grand-parents" letters, it spurs an idea. Could she find something deeper with a penpal?

Jordan White Is taken aback when his cousin Tina suggests he become penpals with her childhood best friend. What could a Louisiana boy have in common with a girl two states away?

After all, he's happily settled on his family's property and working the job he always wanted. But every letter they exchange has him wishing for more.

As they grow closer through their written words, the miles between them seem to grow wider. Can love cross the distance and bring them home?

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