Welcome To The Spine


Experience the world of literature at The Spine Bookshop, where our focus lies on celebrating the works of local authors alongside a diverse collection of new and used books. There's nothing quite like introducing avid readers to the talent of homegrown writers, as well as those who have independently pursued their passion for publishing. Come browse our shelves and discover the hidden gems waiting to captivate your imagination.

GoFundMe Campaign

Hello there! I'm Lindsay Schultz, proud owner of a charming bookshop nestled in Smyrna, TN. Currently, I'm in the midst of relocating my beloved business to a location that will allow for more growth. However, as you can imagine, the expenses involved in this endeavor are quite substantial. To make this transition smoother, I am reaching out to kind-hearted individuals like yourself for donations. In return for your generosity, I would be delighted to offer you a complimentary book of your choice from my shop, "Local Author Books are Exempt". My deep-rooted passion for reading has driven me to establish a haven for local and independent authors. Within my bookshop, these talented writers have a platform to showcase their work and connect with avid readers like yourself. Moreover, I take great pride in fostering community engagement through my "Local Author Bookclub" and "LGBTQ" book club. By contributing to my cause, not only will you be assisting me with the relocation costs, but you will also be supporting the flourishing local literary community. Your support and generosity will be immensely appreciated. Thank you for considering joining me on this exciting journey. The funds raised will be utilized to secure a new location, cover the first and last months' rent and utilities, advertise our new spot to ensure everyone knows where to find us, and cover other essential marketing and moving expenses.

The Spine Location

We are located inside of Trellis and Vine Studio and Gallery on the corner of Tank St and S. Lowry St. in Smryna, TN 37167

May Book Box

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity. We've also partnered with LiaMarieandCo to bring you a delightful surprise, and AdamCreations will be providing a themed bookmark, sticker, and notebook to accompany the book. Secure your very own Local Author Subscription Box today before they're all gone!