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Love In Any Season by Amy R. Anguish, Regina Rudd Merrill, Sarah Anne Crouch, Heather Greer

Love In Any Season by Amy R. Anguish, Regina Rudd Merrill, Sarah Anne Crouch, Heather Greer

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Spring Has Sprung by Regina Rudd Merrick: Maia Pascal is tasked with organizing the town's beloved Daffodil Festival, and she's not happy. An allergy sufferer all her life, she dreads the season from the first daffodil bloom in the yard to the last coat of pollen on her car.

Newcomer Dr. Owen Roswell volunteers to help and soon finds that not only does Maia need his expertise as an allergist, but help in appreciating the season she's obligated to celebrate. What does he want more for Maia to fall in love with his favorite season? Or him?

The Missing Piece by Amy R. Anguish: Tommy England comes back to Sassafras, Ark., after being gone seven years and can't understand why childhood best friend, Beth Norton, is upset with him. As they work to save their quilt shop, prepare for the watermelon festival, and complete an unfinished quilt, their friendship regrows. Each stitch taken brings them closer to more than just a beautiful blanket-maybe even to finding their missing piece.

A Sweet Dream Come True by Sarah Anne Crouch: Isaac Campbell is living his dream of running an ice cream shop but fears he won't last past the first difficult year. Mel Wilson is a busy single mother who longs to be a chocolatier but is too afraid to turn her dreams into reality.

When Mel and Isaac meet at Bestwood, Tennessee's fall festival, it seems like divine providence. But once Mel agrees to help Isaac bring in customers by selling her chocolates at his shop, she realizes how challenging running a business can be. Will their partnership end in disaster, or will it be a sweet dream come true?

Sugar and Spice by Heather Greer: Emeline Becker, owner of Sugar and Spice Bakery, loves New Kuchenbrünn, except for the Gingerbread Festival. As a baker, she's responsible for supplying the one treat she despises-gingerbread. Emmie's cookie threatens to crumble completely when Ryker Lehmann is hired as festival photographer. Her teen crush and witness to her worst humiliation. His leaving broke her heart. Now he's back and determined to fix their friendship. With gingerbread and Ryker together, how will Emmie survive the festival with mind and heart intact?

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