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Faith, Hope, and Chicken Feathers by Andrea Wyman

Faith, Hope, and Chicken Feathers by Andrea Wyman

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YL, Sophie, and Harper will never forget that cold Monday morning in January.   The three of them, standing at the classroom door, stiff and wooden, stomachs churning, feeling awkward and scared, while eighteen pairs of eyes stare at them. They're the new kids......


As it turns out, the three new kids have every reason to stick together.  Sophie thinks she's making friends with the popular girls until she finds out she's not welcome in the Faith, Hope, and Charity Club. YL is ridicule because he takes ballet lessons to improve his football.  Harper is shocked to find out her father's name isn't on the Vietnam Memorias as she always believed.  


These three outsiders form a special bond, but Harper's determination to find her father puts their friendship to the test. Now, for that bond to survive, it's going to take a little faith, a lot of hope, and plenty of chicken feathers.  

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